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State Of Anchovy PrintsState Of Anchovy Prints

The art of State of Anchovy can now be yours to own with this series high quality prints signed by artist Marcony.

All prints are available in A4 for 15 and some also in limited edition numbered A3 prints for 35.

Marcony also takes commissions.

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Pride Drop

Text reads: "But Michael Jackson does that and there's hell to pay."

Punk Little Pony

Text reads: "It was once every young pony's dream to be a My Little Pony, but enevitably as they get older the exstraviantly dyed mains and arse tatoos lead them to darker scenes and more rebellious company."

Pikachu and Rain

Available in A3Text reads: "I hate the rain. It makes my bum short out."


Available in A3Text reads: "10 ways to tell your being stalked - No.6."

Available in A3text reads:"Pinky, why are you a pig in a french beret?

Death of the Crazy Frog

Bouncing's What Tigger's Do Best

Available in A33 Little Fishes

Available in A3Alien Queen

Available in A3Bear In A Hat

Text reads: Dave: How comes you have a job?
Bobo: It's not a problem so long as the boss does't realize I'm a bear in a hat
Dave: And he hasn't?
Bobo: No, Infact yeasterday he promoted me.
Dave: Really what to?
Bobo: Director of forageing for nuts and berries, hugs and shitting in the woods.