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State of Anchovy artist Marcony not only dose comic strips but a wide range of other works as well. A range of Marcony's works, both comic and otherwise are available as prints and T-shirts. Also Marcony is available for Commission From time to time we will also be offering some original un-commissioned pieces.

Greetings Cards

Hand Painted Greetings Cards

Make people feel special at those special times with hand painted greetings cards.



The talents of Marcony are available for hire. Marcony is willing to be commissioned for a vast variety of artistic works in and on various media. Check inside for details.
Art By Hand

Art By Hand

Here for sale a selection of hand painted and hand drawn pieces of art by Marcony.



State of Anchovy are pleased to offer you a selection of signed high quality prints by State Of Anchovy artist Marcony.
Our prints are available in various sizes and always of high quality. All Prints are approved and signed by the artists and many of the larger sizes are numbered and limited to an edition of 100.

For further information on any of our services please contact

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