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Welcome to State of Anchovy T-Shirts. In 2011 State Of Anchovy ceased production of Printed T-shirts in favour of T-shirts hand painted using airbrush. This means each T-shirt is a work of art painted By Marcony in person and we prefer the look.

Many of our old designs will be reproduced using the new method but there will be some that are not suitable which we will be dropping from our lines and those that remain may take time to recreate.

Our experiments with Air brush paints here at SoA have been going on since the summer of 2010 and we've been wearing the T-shirts since then as yet they have proved resilient to normal wear, tear and washing.

Because our T-shirts are hand painted we can also create T-shirts with art specially created for you alone. For details of this please check out our Commissions Page.


The first and indeed many of State Of Anchovy's most striking T-shirt designs have been logos of one kind or another.

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