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State Of Anchovy Prints

The art of State of Anchovy artist Marcony can now be yours to own with this series of signed high quality prints.

All prints are available in A4 for 15 and some also in limited edition numbered A3 prints for 35.

Marcony also takes commissions.

State Of Anchovy Comic Strips
The State of Anchovy comic strip has been running since 2002 and a high level of art and graphic desing has always been an important part of the strips. Not all have been suitable to convert in to prints but here are the best of thoes that are.
Random Art
Here are a collection of my peices that fit in to no specific group.
Marcony's Photomorphs
Probably my most time consuming work but well worth the effort. These are real photos digitaly altered.
State of Anchovy Charaters
A charaters from State of Anchovy from when I've sat down to make an effort.
copyright Marcony@StateOfAnchovy.Co.UK 2011