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State Of Anchovy PrintsState Of Anchovy Prints

The art of State of Anchovy can now be yours to own with this series high quality prints signed by artist Marcony.

All prints are available in A4 for 15 and some also in limited edition numbered A3 prints for 35.

Marcony also takes commissions.

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Goth Moves


Shirts read Reads:
Spooky Kid:"You Laugh at me because I'm different. I pity you because your all the same."
Goth:"I laugh at you because you think your different. You pity me because you havn't got the joke yet."

Scarf Signs.

Goth Moves :: Bast

Bast Summoned

Available in A3Text reads: "I am Bast; Goddess of cats; Goddess of fertility and lust; Mother of the Pharos. My power is infinite and my face is up here."

Available in A3So Much For Glowsticks

Drunk Pigs

Pigging Out

Available in A3Text reads: "Two Beers good - Four beers even better."

Passing Out

Available in A3Text reads: "Two legs good - Four legs inevetable."


Gregory - Out

Available in A3Texy reads:
Owner: "Gregory! For the last time, I catch you stealing from the table again your out for good."
Gregory: "Right, like the last 16 times."
"Thing is I'm just to cute."
"Oh Bugger."

Gregor On The Street.

Text Reads:
Oh God! I'm on my own, homeless, no food. It can't get any worse...
I'm kind of suprised it didn't start raining when I said that.

Brave Little Cthulhu

Cthulhu in Wonderland

Sacrifice Me