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It seems these day it's fasionable to collect Con-Badgers to wear to conventions. I may have miss-heard this, but all the same, here is a collection of Con-badgers for you to... erm... collect.

All badgers are hand sulpted and painted. As you would exspect all Con-Badgers have thier owners name painted on them and can be hung around your neck. The quoted prices exclude postage and packing as we will ship world wise thus the cost varies, but the order button allows you to choose a country and that will allow you to see the full price. If your country is not mentioned contact me and I'll do something about it. Each badger will have your name on it so don't forget to fill out the name field

If you want a badger designed and sculpeted to reflect your own personality, on line persona or fursona we are willing to take commisions. Just email with your request and we will be in contact.

We now also offer T-shirts staring the conbadger of your choice bareing your name.


Con-Badgers ::: Toby

Price 10

The Artist

Con-Badgers ::: Fitz - THe Artist

Price 10

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