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I've been an artist since childhood. My range of influences are broad, but currently Gothic, punk, furry, steam punk and cyberpunk and all terms that frequently apply to my work. Another word that is often applicable is Humorous. I've been creating comic strips and one panel cartoons for some time and a lot of my work is inspired by jokes of one kind or another. I'm a strong believer in humorous art being every bit as valid as other art.
for examples of my work please browse The State of Anchovy comic strips and my galleries on DeviantArt and Fur Affinity.

Much as I have favourite subjects I am willing to turn my hand to wider ranges of subject matter for my customers. There are things I don't do for one reason or another. Firstly I will not use characters belonging to other artists or organisations without either their express permission or very good reason. Secondly I don't do Porn, I will do Erotica but for where the dividing line is it's best to ask me. Topless is generally fine but Genitalia is normally out. Also I will not create propaganda for things to which I am opposed. In short it is always worth asking I will always give a strait and respectful answer.

My method of working depends upon what kind of commission I am doing, however because I often work in pastel there are some kinds of commission where there is no first sketch only a finished piece of work. I will do my very best in such situations to make absolutely sure I have as much information about what you want as possible before I begin. I will make these situations clear in my list of services bellow.
I normally ask for payment when the work is complete, If it is a piece of work where a sketch can be produced before the main piece I will sometimes ask for half the payment after the first sketch. I only send out finished work once the final payment has been received. For reasons of security I take PayPal only. I do not take cash through the post or bank transfers.
All copyright on the image remains with me unless prior arrangement has been made. However it is standard policy that I allow my commissioners to post my work in any online galleries they wish.

I am up for most kind of pictures. If there is one you would particularly like that I do not mention bellow please Email and I will send you get back to you.
My List of services are as follows

Details for the following will be available soon, Meanwhile Please enquire for details.
  • Full Scenes
  • Character Portraits
  • Con-Badges
  • Con-Badgers
  • Full Landscapes
  • Sunrise / Sunset
    • Pastel landscape
    • Acrylic On Glass Landscapes
    • Pastel Characters
    • Acrylic Characters On Glass
  • Character rooms and houses.
  • Comic Strips (With or without joke provided)
  • T-Shirts
  • Dirty Furry T-Shirts
  • Animations
  • Website Graphics
  • Greetings Cards

Full Scene

A full scene including Background and Character(s) In Pastels. The colour of the paper will be chosen by myself to best enhance the nature of the scene. Paper size can vary depending on the commission. I normally work between A4 and A3, but may be able to go bigger for specific jobs.
Prices vary depending on the complexity of the Commission but here are some examples:

Please click for larger images and further details.
Large:Two Characters, Medium complexity background Three Characters, Medium complexity background One Character, Medium complexity background
For more full scenes please check out my Full scenes gallery on Deviant Art

For further information on any of our services please contact
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