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GMI Vs The Judoon

Good shot sweetie but he's still got your boots
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Apologies for the quality of the art in this weeks strip, but I only came up with it when I watched Doctor who last night and had to draw it fast. Apologies that this weeks strip is a bit of a GMI in joke which will probably go on for a couple of weeks. In case your wondering the GMI are the Goth Mobile Infantry (We're Mobile and We're Infantile) and a lot of us ware Newrocks. The GMI are a top secret organization off the scanners of government and apparently any intergalactic law enforcement bodies. It's not that nobody knows we exist it's that nobody belive it. This is a much better way to keep our operations unobserved, it's also why I can tell you so much as all of you will assume I am making this up. Get used to it guys this strip may run for a couple more weeks yet, although I'm going to improve the art work. meanwhile apologies to fury for a bad and strangely orange hair day and I promise you will get to smite something next time. Does anyone have a decent photo of Preacher's Tattoos I had to do this one a very incomplete picture indeed.

Better art work next week. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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