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Todays strip is bought to you by the words Urgh and Knackered. We've just got back from running a stall at Carnival of Souls up in Derby. It was a great event, incredibly good fun and we will be trying our hardest to be back up there for the next one in October.
We did an incredible trade in our Horns. I Think was greatly helped that people were buying our horns, putting them on and wearing them for the rest of the evening so people were seeing them and how good they look in action and coming over to get their own pair. My only regret was that we ran out of a few kinds by the end of the evening. Next time we will be ready. I don't know what pleased me most; When the entire staff of one stall all bought our horns or when they started rutting. Incidentally I highly recommend Carnival of Souls as a really enjoyable event for too many reasons to list here.

Meanwhile there is no rest for us lot here at SOA H.Q.. We have the east Anglian Art Exhibition at Needham Market over Easter weekend where I'll have several original works for sale and a collection of prints on offer too. Then on the last weekend of April (The 27th and 28th) We return to The Sports Centre Market at the Whitby Goth Weekend. The Sports Centre Market is fast becoming one of the most popular with the punters as it's not nearly as cramped a space as the spare and if you've seen all the stalls every year for the last five then the Sports centre is where to go to find the new stuff. It seems I have a lot of work to be getting on with. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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