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We Interupt This Strip For A Topical Gag (This pun may make you gag)

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I've put what few (and I mean very few) spare hours I had in to an elaborate computer coloured Sisters of the night strip for some weeks in the future. It was only listening to the news on Thursday that I realized I could much better employ my time with the above topical quick sketch. Considering that not only has the gardening business kicked off again for the season again but Here at State of Anchovy we are in the mist of preparations for Carnival of souls which is not long followed by the East Anglia Art Show Needham Market and not Long after that Whitby Goth Weekend. (Expect me to be looking a little tiered) If you will be at any of these events and are after something specific Drop me mail and we will do our best to have what your after available. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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