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Gregor - The Search for Cute.

Gregor - The search for Cute
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That's it for Gregor for a while. He Will return but I really need to plan something special for him first. What will cover_666 try to do with him? Even I'm not sure yet. Any way I've got a good months worth of Goth Moves lined up for you which should be the perfect run up to our annual trip to the Whitby Goth weekend where our stall will be running with lots of lovel new things on it. Come and see us if you get the chance.

Last month I gave you a chart of our most popular prints. This month I figured I'd give you a chart of our most popular strips. Have you missed one of our greats? Let's find out.

OK, It's not supprising my first strip is the most popular Most people like to start at the begining. It's a bit of a bumber that number 4 is a page most people find by searching for Organization XIII on google.

Bone Bars - Waistcoat Just in case you can't wait till our stall comes to a festival near you we're putting one serious Waistcoat Mod up on Ebay. If you want this done to some of your your own Leather gear check out The Mod' Shop for details or If you want to commision something Special Drop us a line. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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