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Gregor - The Search for Cute.

Gregor - The search for Cute
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So, erm yes... COVERN_666. Let's be honest, all religions have these; people who are terribly keen but get totally the wrong end of the stick. COVEN_666 are the pagan manifestation of this. Any Pagans out there with handy anecdotes that I could turn in to strips let me know.
There are times I think about creating my own web based religion to see how many people I could get to join, but I just can't bring myself to be that evil just yet. I'm pretty sure the basics work along the grounds of telling people to think for themselves and them telling them what to think for themselves. I think other religions, especially the more alternative ones would really appreciate my work as it would detract all the idiots that would otherwise be trying to join them and being generally annoying and leave them to get on with what ever it is their religions actually do.

Maybe It could be an Icon based religions, "You shall worship no image that isn't animated and 100x100." Still that wouldn't be much good as most of mine this year aren't animated. Still good though. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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