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Cider Monster.

Cider Monster
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Listen up folks this a important. When I moved the day of the strip from Sunday to Monday it was for two reasons. Firstly Sunday being a weekend fewer people are on line and any posts mentioning a new strip are generally lost in the hubbub of the weekend; second Sunday was weekend It was often the day I was already doing other stuff. Since then I've moved back to my home village and Monday mornings involve getting up at five in the morning and doing a seven hour shift in mum and dad's shop without so much as a beak for breakfast (Yes that is illegal in the UK but it's for Mum and Dad and they need a day off like everyone else). This leaves me so wiped out by the beginning of Monday afternoon I don't feel like doing much at all so I've decided the new day to go live each week will be Tuesday. Since I should be able to start going to our local Goth club soon and it's on a Tuesday night it should at least give me something to talk about.

Kitty-Bat If you're looking for something to talk to your friends about how about hanging a quality art print in your hall, living room or lavatory. Indeed may I make so bold as to recommend the piece to the right of this paragraph by the Brilliant artist Amy Learoyd which is the latest piece to become available in our Print Shop and can be obtained both in A4 and A3 size. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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