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Horns can be found here and Ears can be found here. The pages in question and the links to them will be made pretty at a later date.

A Mid Summer nights...Erm.

A Mid-Summer Nights...Erm
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It's been a busy week. We've added three more horns to the Costume Horns Page and this time they are Unihorns. Not only that, Now we have Kitty ears and Horse ears for you too for the full effect. It must be said that you don't just have to buy them for your self, At the Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre (Their spelling not mine) One of our Unihorn was bought by a lady planing to attach it to her Pony.

This Week We've also been experimenting with A Very silly Idea. It's been amusing us greatly and For all you Convention goers out there of various kinds watch this space for a new product very soon. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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