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Horns can be found here. The page in question and the link to it will be made pretty at a later date.

Wii Wars.

Wii Wars
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I post this on Monady, the last post for christmas gose out the next morning. and I can settle down in my arm chair and prepeare for all the fun of the Christmas season rouseing only to sing a few carols around the Village and post next weeks strip. I'm not a overwelmingly christian chap but I do hold this time of year in a reverance for what it dose mean to me. Christmas to me is a time for Family and I would not break that day just to post up the weeks strip so I hope to be getting out our christmas special (Staring Brave Little Cthulhu) in the early afternoon of Christmas eve. As for New year don't even Hope. Just as Christmas is to me a sacred festival of the Family New year is dedicated to my freinds and I won't be anywhere near a PC all weekend if I can help it so no strip at all over new year. So that's the Plan.

Enjoy The Anchovy.

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