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After much interest at the Whitby Goth Weekend I know several people will be coming to this site looking for infomation about our new line of Hand sculpted Costume Horns and Ears which were something of a hit. This was a bit of a suprise and we have only just got the most basic unspell checked page up. It can be found Here and will be made decent some time in the next couple of weeks with even more horns (Including our Unicorn range) and Ears for Kitty's and Horses. Further updates will apear in the news section bellow the weeks strip as and when we have it.

Goth Moves.

Goth Moves - Scarf Signals
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This weeks strip was nearly a Whitby Special, but the first draft really didn't work and had to be re-written. I have to confess there are quite a few strips here that probably don't make sense or aren't half as funny unless you know what I'm talking about. I would worry about this if it were not that this is really true about all humor and I don't see why people who know things not a lot of people know should be deprived of a giggle. It's tempting at this point to ask you all to tell me things that not a lot of people know but firstly there are quite a few things you lot know that I really don't want to and second we would run the risk of my email box turning in to an episode of Not Only But Also and I don't need that.

Christmas is drawing near and to celebrate I've finally got the Christmas Prints Page up. The Last days we can take orders and Guarantee to have the prints in the post before the post offices recommended Christmas posting dates are the 18th of December for A4 Prints or the 5th for A3. If you are outside the UK delivery times vary, But Europe, USA, Canada and Japan are safe for A3 up to the 1st of December and the 10th of December for A4. Got all that? just make it easy for me and buy something nice for somebody today. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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