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After much interest at the Whitby Goth Weekend I know several people will be coming to this site looking for infomation about our new line of Hand sculpted Costume Horns and Ears which were something of a hit. This was a bit of a suprise and we have only just got the most basic unspell checked page up. It can be found Here and will be made decent some time in the next couple of weeks with even more horns (Including our Unicorn range) and Ears for Kitty's and Horses. Keep checking back and check out our news section further down the page for regular updates.

Goth Moves - A T-Shirt For Ned.

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Next week's strip will be the week after as I'll be at the Whitby Goth Weekend having way to much fun. Any orders placed While I'm away will be delt with upon my return the following friday (Although I do ask for a day or two to recover). Enjoy The Anchovy.

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