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Gregor - The Search for Cute.

When we last saw our intrepid hero Dr Littlepuddy's Door knocking machine had over reacted to Gregors front door

Gregor - The search for Cute
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LillyWhat a busy week our favorite weekend of the Year, The Whitby Goth Weekend is less than two months away and the motors have really begun to turn to bring folks lots of wonderful things to buy, More details nearer the time but alot of it will not be avaliable on the Website for a while so our stall will be a must.

One Item that will be avaliable will be prints of Lilly (See the picture on the right). She's been gracing our stall for a while now I know she is much a preciated. Now for the first time she is avaliable here on the website. She may be just a black and white line drawing but she has a nack of bringing real class to a wall. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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