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Gregor-The search for cute.

When we last saw our intrepid hero The Twins put him on a course of cute videos to remove his cynicisum...

Gregor - The Search for Cute
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It's been a bad week here at State of Anchovy's secret base. First off we see the last Top of the Pops and the realization that my only chance to ever be on it is a Christmas No1 (Not the kind of thing I ever envisage myself doing).

The Day after Disaster Struck It became apparent that my note book containing over three years of strip ideas and plans has been Lost somewhere in London with Little or no chance of recovery. I'd only got half of them ready for or on the site so that's a huge amount of good material lost. I've started a new book and I'm putting down all I can recall but it's a slow process and I know a lot has been lost. It's left me very down. Talk about starting your lifes work over. We will continue, we will not give in. State of Anchovy will go on.

Life goes on, the world dose not stop and a man must earn an honest crust. I've been working hard too and can now give you the great news that a whole new load of State of Anchovy Strips and artwork art now available as signed high quality prints as I've revamped My prints page. This also for the first time means I am offering Limited edition signed and numbered A3 prints of selected pieces. An even more select group are now available on even higher grade paper than normal. This paper is effectively water colour paper giving an almost original look to the print enough to flatter even the most refined of surroundings.

You may notice along with prints I am now available for commissioned work. Not only am I doing the normal kind of things people do (Character portraits, Scenes, etc..) but I can also be commissioned to write a comic strip staring a charter of your choice or invention it can even be in the continuity and style of one of our regular series. For details check out my Commissions page. I've not got prices for all our strips up yet but that's only because I have yet to have time to work out my charges. Feel free to contact me and ask for your favorites. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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