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Come to sunny Lebanon
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I think it's worth explaining why Syria (Under the guise of Hezbollah) and Israel are having their war in Lebanon. The tradition for having wars in somebody else's country is of course a well established tradition going back to time immemorial. It saves a lot of tidying up when finished, neither side really suffers the inconvenience of being looted and of course they can go on seeing each other socially at summit parties and the like. This still leaves the question of why Lebanon after all when Alkieda started a war with the US the US decided to have it in Iraq. They were originally planning Afghanistan but the Iraqi dessert looks better for TV cameras when your storming across it in a tank. The reason they didn't choose Lebanon was of course down to local knowledge. The Israelis and Syrians both know that the Lebanon has by far the best restaurants in the region. The good news is of course that with the expected wave of refugees we can expect more of these restaurants here in the UK. indeed I would Implore the government to institute a fast track scheme for restaurants owners planning to set up outside of London as we could really do with a few Lebanese restaurants out here in the regions and London has a few really good ones already (I recommend trying one if you come across one).

Last week I did kind of promise you another argument between Dave the Darlek and Cyberman Mike so here is a bonus strip. (You lucky people)
Dave the Darlek Vs Cyberman Mike
I think that's the last one of these for the moment. I guess we'll be back to Gregor next week. Normal services will be resumed next week.

Meanwhile we have been righting wrongs and uncommonly for me correcting spelling. I do find it worrying that popular clothing labels are teaching our kids bad spelling. To this end I have taken a stylish FCUK top and Corrected the spelling. It's now available on Ebay. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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