Con Badgers

It seems these day it's fasionable to collect Con-Badgers to wear to conventions. I may have miss heard this, but all the same Here is a collection of Con-badgers that you could own.

All badgers are hand sulpted and painted. As you would exspect all Con-Badgers have thier owners name painted on them. The quoted prices exclude postage and packing as we will ship to anywhere and thus the cost varies, but you would normally be looking at something in the reigon of 2 for the UK.

If you wish to buy a Con-Badger Email" and let us know which badger you want and what name you want on it. We will then Make your Con-Badger and Send you details Of our paypal account to send your money to.

If you want a badger designed and sculpeted to reflect your own personality we are willing to take commisions. Just email the above address with your request and we will be in contact.


Con-Badgers ::: Toby

Price 10

The Artist

Con-Badgers ::: Fitz - THe Artist

Price 10

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