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Portraits - Pastel on Paper

A Character with no background In Pastels.

The colour of the paper will be chosen by myself to best enhance the nature of the picture. Paper size can vary depending on the commission. I normally work at A3, but can go bigger or smaller for specific jobs.
Because of the nature my pastel method a full sketch before I start on the piece is not normally possible, but I will make every effort to make sure I ask as many questions as possible before hand to make sure I'm drawing what you want.
Payment for for these this kind of commission is requested when the work is complete.

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the commission but here are some examples:

Bust Of One Character

This particular example is rendered in soft pastel on a burgundy paper. It is 30cm X 40cm and was completed in 2014.
A work similar to this would cost something in the region of 30
Mouse Miss
The Character in this picture are (C) Marcony.

More examples of portraits can be found in My deviantArt Gallery.

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