Stahe of Anchovy

Livejournal Icons


Here for your use and delectation are a The latest Livejornal Icons from state of Anchovy. They are all Copyright Marcony and we do ask that If you use them you do put an entery in your livejournal saying where you got it, linking to the State of Ancovy comic and saying how smegging brilliant we are. To prove how brilliant we are we can even save you the bother of remebering to come visit the site each week. Just add the State of Anchovy Livejournal to your freinds list and low the strip shall apear there every week.
These are just the Icons form 2008. For more look at:

KWAIII!!! Fan Girl Lisa
Transformer Dave Transformer Dave
Vixen Vixen
Pink Leg Warmers
Santa Santa
Small Boy Small Boy
Small Boy
Moonlit Church in Snow Moonlit Snowscape