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From it's initial launch to the current day there have been a hell of a lot of characters (and the back end of two Reindeer) spread over god knows how many strips (And a brick wall) and they are very jumbled up. So here is an index of all the strips in series order with character lists.

We are currently performing a total revamp of the archive. So there will be a few omissions until work is complete.

Goth Moves

Life would be simple for Dave the Goth if it wasn't for his brother Ned ...and Dave's friends ...And an Egyptian goddess they summoned ...and her friends.

Dave The GothDave The Goth
Dave is a goth of the old school trad verity. He is so goth he pee's black (or sepia on an off day).
Ned is Dave's brother. He really wasn't very keen on goth in the early days. You might say he was hard core chav. He's still got a lot to learn about being goth.
Marsha is Dave and Ned's sister. She's spent so much time under a sunlamp her skin is not unlike that of a roast chicken (a Tescos one). She dose have a weight problem, recently she's been trying five different diets, Dave has suggested that she should try them one at a time.
Verlandra Is Is a lesbian vampire necromancer. She is a necromancer because it sounded like fun, she is a vampire because necromancy isn't as fun as it sounds.
Lupa is a werewolf and the lover of Verlandra who's a vampire because honestly what did you exspect.
Series 1 - Ned Gose Clubbing Series 2 - Verlandra and Lupa

Christmas Specials

Funny Festive Frolics.

The London Suvival Guide

A few words of wisdom for the unwary traveler to London.
Not only the Artistic and creative force behind this website, but a former tour guide to boot.
Tourist Traps:

Topical Asides

My responses to the news stories of the day. Some of these days were a long time ago.

True Quotes

People really said this stuff. I was there.
Fangirl LisaFangirl Lisa
Lisa, Goddess of the fangirls. Terrifying. Do not allow caffine.

One Offs

Thoes difficult strips that don't fit in to any other series.
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