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It's been a while I know. Not only have I been working on an image that is taking a hell of a long time but I have also been horrendously busy. All the same things here roll on. since we last spoke the Anchovy stall has called in on Infest, Whitby Goth Weekend, and Last weekend RBW and we've had regular spots on the Markets at Haverhill (Fridays) and Bury St Edmunds (Wednesdays and Saturday). All in all it's been a busy few months, but December is here now so I can break out a whole string of Christmas stuff. We do start our Christmas Rune with something that is definitely not worksafe or suitable for younger viewers. You have been warned.

I'll be adding a list of our journeys out to the rest of the world as soon as I have a spare moment. Meanwhile we will be somewhere on Bury St Edmunds Market on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays and a Spot on Haverhill Market on Fridays (Late night special this Friday) all the way to Christmas. Do come and find me if you're in the area. Enjoy The Anchovy.

Rudolph and Vixen.

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