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Captian Kitty Pirate Coat This week BBC Radio4 had a contest to find a cartoon desined to be an antidote to the Danish cartoons that seem to have caused so much reaction around the world (With or without one or two that did not come from a danish newspaper but have been shown about anyway). It was the least State of Anchovy could do to put in an attempt to satisfy thier quest and low and behold it's now on the BBC website. several of the others there are really worth reading, I really recomend clicking back the the first and having a brouse. Be warned, a couple are spread over more than one page.

Meanwhile the State of Anchovy Mod'Shop now not only has a working webpage (To be developed more this week) but has several items of stunningly modiffied leatherware up on EBay including the Georgous Kitty Pirate Coat that you see to the right.

Finnaly it emerged in the news last night that Dick Chaney accidently shot a 76 laywer while quail hunting; Dan Quail later claimed he looks nothing like a 76 year old Lawyer. Enjoy the Anchovy.

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