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Ho ho ho, deck the halls and etc... This years first festive strip has arrived. I am a little apprehensive as Last years first Christmas strip went up one day before we lost our server and didn't get State of Anchovy back up till some way in to this year. This weeks strip was meant for last year but we've knocked the green hairy bits of and served it up anyway. The strip meant for last Christmas week never even got drawn and won't this year as I've got other plans so maybe we'll se last Christmas' strip next Christmas...maybe.

If you liked Last week's Strip you will be glad to know that I've put it up for sale on Furbid. You've got till next Monday.

With Christmas coming what better present could there be than a State of Anchovy T-Shirt (That's a rhetorical question please don't answer it or we'll be here all week). Enjoy The Anchovy.

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