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I think for the sake of anyone who's a bit puzzled by this I should mention that this week a survey of Americans planning to visit Scotland showed that a quarter of them mentioned either haggis hunting as one of the attractions of the country. One even went as far as to say that Some haggis are now starting to move in to town and look like foxes. For any Americans reading I would like to clear up the facts by saying that you can't hunt haggis. This is because despite the jokes and the tales popular in Scotland Haggis are a kind of fresh water fish that has evolved to be boneless from the neck to the beginning of it's tail fin. When caught it is top 'n' tailed then left to marinade for a week in a concoction called Broon. At the end of the week it is tied at either end and this is what we get on the plate.
Given this pictures a strait scan with no photoshopping you can buy the original peice. So I've put it up on Furbid.
This strip marks the first Anchovy in advent and thus Christmas is coming. What better present could there be than a State of Anchovy T-Shirt (That's a rhetorical question please don't answer it or we'll be here all week). Enjoy The Anchovy.

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